Custom Nails

$ 10.00
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Our durable and long lasting nails are made of high quality gel, not cheap plastic. We use the Apres brand which are the highest quality available. All the polish we use is 100% gel from reputable brands. This makes the nails lightweight but strong at the same time.
Check out our nail prep kit for the perfect nail application!

Please email us at with reference photos and a description of what you need before you order. Once you email us we will tell you the price and you must choose accordingly below.

Write your size for each nail in the notes section or include in your initial email. If you're unsure of your sizes we suggest ordering 20 nails which includes 2 of each size nail. 

We offer many styles of nails including foils, rhinestones, ombre, marbling, stamping, stickers, painting, etc. Nail shapes available: Short Stiletto, Medium Stiletto, Long Stiletto, Medium Square, Medium Round, Medium Coffin, Long Sculpted Coffin  Please keep in mind these are all handmade! Variations in design can occur. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks to ship depending on the complexity of your order and if we need extra supplies.